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30 years of experience serving the Maple Shade area. Available for all of your basement drainage needs. We offer free estimates from our waterproofing specialist and owner Rob Coulter. Our goal is to educate the customers not only by diagnosing the problem but giving the best options for the solution at a fair price. We are soft sell and have your best interests in mind when offering our professional opinions.

Sump Pumps: Essential but not the Full Solution

Sump pumps are an essential NJrt of the waterproofing drainage system. Anywhere from one to multiple sump pumps can be used to tie into our drainage systems which actively pumps the water from the container/pit and out of your basement. These sump pumps are typically installed in the corners of your basement. A major misconception in keeping your basement dry is that a sump pump is all you need to ensure all the water in your basement will be disposed of. With just sump pumps the only water that will be pumped out of your basement will be the water that leaks directly into the pit created for the pump. Without the drainage pipes that we install underground along the edge of your walls, the water will still enter your basement (This process is described in more detail in our Drainage System section). The types of sumps pumps we use are:

Zoeller Mighty Mate Sump Pump 53:

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Little Giant Big John Sump Pump 6-CIA:

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Back Up Sump Pumps

Based on our experience in the business we have found that the best option to ensure your system will still work if your electricity goes out is the Siphon Water Powered Back Up Sump Pumps. Many of our competitors suggest that the Battery Powered Back Up Sump Pump is your best choice. The Batter Powered option is not only expensive but unreliable. As any battery powered equipment, the product is only as useful as long as the battery has power. The battery has the caNJbility of 6-8 hours, if fully charged and maintained. We find that in many cases the battery in these back-ups only last 1-2 hours and do not pump the water as efficiently as the main electrically powered main sump pump. The Siphon Water Powered Back Up Sump Pump is a less expensive option and works of your in house existing water main pressure. As long as water is conveyed into the pit from our piping system the Siphon Jet will give you efficient pumping as long as necessary, until your electricity is restored. In our experienced professional opinion it is the clear cut best option and also less expensive to the customer. It has 24/7 back up caNJbility with no limitation. The types of Siphon Pumps we use are:

Zoeller HomeGuard Max 503 Water Powered Pump:

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Liberty SJ10 SumpJet Back-up Pump:

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